Texas House and Senate: "Voting no on SB 1728, is voting FOR thriving jobs and clean trucks and cars made in Texas!"

Quick update on EV fee legislation in Texas & call to action

  • Brian

    I don't mind paying my fair share but this bill looks like punishment for driving an ev. 

  • Sam

    The pull quote in this article is from a tweet I made on 5/15/2021.  


    Woulda been nice to get attribution.

    Sam Griffith


  • Gabriela

    This so unfair  and difficult, whata are this people  thinking. Why should we pay for taxes on gas that we don't  use. I already pay for my electricity bill. No body else pays for it but ME no body helps  me. Why should I pay for something  I dont use. Even a kid from 3rd grade would  know that that's  no the right thing.

  • Kobus

    Bernie you are wrong. Texans drive an average of 16K miles per year at 22 mpg for a total of 727 gallons.  The highway fund collects 15c per gallon for a total of $109 per gasoline vehicle. And then to make it totally fair gasoline cars should have a new tax added for their health and environmental costs.

  • Gary

    Kobus, I was about to make a similar point. Could you pass on a reference to your statistics?

    Also, I couldn't verify that we pay 15 cents/gallon in Texas motor fuels tax. The most recent reference I found said it's 20 cents/gallon (https://comptroller.texas.gov/economy/fiscal-notes/2019/jul/motor-fuels-taxes.php, 2019 article).

    Even so, using your average yearly mileage and MPG I calculate an average yearly tax of $145, still substantially below what the bill proposes.

    The bill does offer a scaled VMT option, but it's not clear how it would be computed or collected. If you travel more than 9k miles/year, you pay $150 plus (I assume) a VMT-scaled additional amount. If your stats and my calculation are right, that could only be fair (comparable to what the average ICE drivers pays) if the $150 flat fee kicked in at 16k miles, not 9k.

  • Charlie

    please provide a list of those that voter "for" 

    it would be appropriate to donate campaign funds to their opponents 

  • DavidCall

    Texas drivers pay roughly $100 annually in gas taxes. As such, this can go up to 2.4x that rate, not including the taxes on electricity we're already paying. This is too much and for not a good enough reason.

  • Bernie

    The fée is much less than the gas tax drivers of ice cars pay. I think it is a fair share.

  • John

    Thanks for your post. I wonder how the bill to allow Tesla to sell directly to Texans is coming along.

  • Marge

    10K+ jobs! Go Tesla! 

  • lqdchkn

    I cannot find any of the text of the Substitute online anywhere. I just called the TX Transportation Committee to see where I could find the text mentioned above and they confirmed that there is NO approved substitute at this time. Meaning anything posted above is not finalized. Additionally they were unable to confirm anything discussed so if what's posted above correct, where's this info coming from?  SUS

  • lqdchkn

    In TX we pay roughly 20¢/gal to the state and 20¢/gal to the Fed. (technically 18.4 cents per gallon on gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel) The State collects both.  So ~ 40¢/gal in total.  So this bill as written from the Senate is factoring $100 for State and $100 for Fed.  nothing else mentioned above about the recent Substitution is confirmed