Quebec, Canada — EV Battery Collection and Recycling

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Contact the Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, Benoît Charette, and the Deputy Director for the Minister’s office, Ms. Emmanuelle Géhin, to share your support for Tesla’s proposal for EV battery recovery and recycling.

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What you need to know:

The Quebec government has presented to the automotive industry a regulation proposal for the recovery and recycling of EV batteries. Quebec’s proposal will not guarantee that all batteries are properly managed at the end of their life, and will not achieve optimal environmental outcomes. In fact, the proposal will prescribe a specific collection pathway and collection rate which could lead to premature recycling of EV batteries.

If implemented, this is what the regulation would mean for EV drivers like you:

— The government estimates that its regulation will result in a cost impact of 3% of the value of the vehicles. In other words, a Model 3 Standard Range Plus would cost roughly $1,550 more in Quebec due to the inappropriate regulation.

— Quebec’s proposal would not let consumers choose who they want to transfer ownership of their used or end-of-life EV battery to, which means a functional or serviceable EV battery contained in an end-of-life vehicle would have to be sent back to the producer, rather than kept in the market for reuse. This also means that it will be much more difficult for Quebec consumers and repair shops to find used EV batteries to fix out-of-warranty vehicles, should they require a battery replacement, since producers would control the entire used EV battery market. This situation is not desirable for EV drivers and for the local economy.

Tell the government that you oppose its plan to prescribe a single EV battery management pathway — resulting in higher costs for consumers and negative environmental outcomes — and that you support Tesla’s proposal to obligate producers to take-back EV batteries upon request.