Tesla Solar Install - Part 4: Powering Up

By: Harry C. Burch

  • FrostyGT

    I just had a 11.6kw solar glass roof installed an Im waiting for my electrical inspection certification paper work to be sent from TESLA to my local utility so I can get my PTO (Permission To Operate). My inspection was over a month ago. My project advisor says I can expect a 60 120 day delay for that to be sent. He claims ist is a shartage of qualified people to complete the paper work. 

     I am NOT buying that. All the forms and paper work to get to this point took less than 30 days, MANY forms. What else could it be? Extreemly frustrating as it wil be another 30+ days once my utility gets paperwork to change my meter. That could put me into december before i can turn it on, seems unresaonable to me. 


  • Dean

    Wondering if the house gets powered by the Powerwall after dark if its fully charged, or does it kick in only upon utility failure?