Nice casual meetup today in Louisville

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  • Mike

    Is anyone else in Kentucky having a problem with getting thier leased Tesla  license plate renewed?  I have been unable to do so since my tag expired Juy 31. The DMV says Tesla hasn't paid their U-Drive It licensing fee this year and they won't renew my plate unti they do. I have contacted Tesla Finance and they havebeen "reviewing" the situation since July 28. In the meantime I can't leagally drive my Model X.  Has anyone else had this problem?

  • BrouillardRouge_RS

    Wish I could've come and been a part of this meet up. Looks like you all had a blast.

  • BrianKopp

    No videos of the Summon demo? Darn.  Was hoping someone got Rick's X nearly running me down.  Haha!

  • Michael

    I hope to see some EV owners at Lexington car events !  The last Cars and Coffee event in Lexington,  there were EV's spread around the lot.  Maybe next time we can pick a spot and all get together !

  • jimcook

    Don't discriminate against blue teslas!  hahaha.  I was tied up otherwise I would have been there.  I had a great time list time I showed up.   

  • Nichelle

    It was nice meeting everyone.  It was a beautiful morning for the event.  I love seeing other owners modifications.