May Newsletter

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  • Kyle

    Is this the only way to post or am I missing some whole menu somewhere?

  • bollar

    Sure, @Kyle. Welcome!

  • Kyle

    No power wall, just the 41 panels on the roof (I had really high usage on the year they used as reference).  No idea if that is a big system or a small one.

    My AC unit (that just died) was able to drink ALL of that and more.  The heart of it (the compressor) that died was from 1990 - the rest had been Frankensteined back to life many times.  Once I get it replaced I'm hoping for a much lower consumption profile.

    I'm adopted in from Solar City in TX.

  • mloyd

    Kyle, did you get a power wall with your solar panels?

  • Kyle

    Hey, new guy here.  I've got the solar panels.  Is there room here for non car owners?