Florence Chapter Y'all

Join us and make your voice heard!

  • Jason

    Hey Y'all

    I'm Jason Mullins and I live in Union, Ky as well! Never really thought I would be so interested in a car brand. After my 14 yr old son at the time introduced Tesla to my wife and I we were sold! We took delivery of a 2019 M3 two yrs ago & recently took delivery of our 2021 MY. 
    Looking forward to meeting everyone. Maybe we can meet up at our new coffee shop(BIGGBY COFFEE) in Harrison OH sometime.

  • ericfeigl

    Hey everyone! Independence, KY here. Happy to be a part of the group! 

  • misdemeanor

    Hey Brian! Looking forward to collaborating with you and John to grow TOKY!

  • JohnRougeux

    Thanks Brian! You all can write much better than I can. I look forward to working with you and getting this club moving!

    sounds like we need to do a craft beer trip!