New Jersey auto dealer association complaint against Tesla dismissed

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  • Tronguy

    First: the appointed state judge (no voted-in judges in NJ) turned down NJCAR. NJCAR appealed to the appeals court. The appeals court turned them down. Main reasoning: First, NJCAR is not the public; they're an association of auto dealerships. The best that this crowd might do is to show up as a "friend of the court", but representing the consumers in the state, well, that's not them. And there's precedent for that. Second: NJCAR is suing the NJMVC (and Tesla) claiming that NJMVC isn't regulating Tesla to NJCAR's liking. The appeals court points out that NJMVC actually _has_ been regulating Tesla: There's been a few actions taken, some fines paid. And some of those actions and fines were, at least, _started_ by NJCAR bringing the issues to the NJMVC's attention. So, if anything, Tesla has been regulated just fine by the NJMVC, so what's the beef? End result: NJCAR's been dropped-kicked out of there. More sour grapes by standard dealerships who are afraid of the competition of high-efficiency, low maintenance electric cars, that's all.

  • What-Up-Duke

    Anyone know who the judge was so we ensure we vote them back in if it’s not an appointment?

  • Walter

    Don’t mess with Tesla!