This Week in Tesla: Semi to Power Canadian Log-Hauling Program, Internal Camera Possibly to be Used for Driver Monitoring System

By: Charlie O'Mara

  • mahdi

    I even take the risk of coming on your behalf and presenting these ideas The only problem I have is that I do not have enough money to come there and cover my expenses.

  • mahdi

    I want to talk about progress now From mutual benefit You and I So pay attention to the following text and answer Hello, I will introduce myself first: I am Mehdi Jahangiri, 12 years old from Iran. I have ideas for your company that one of my ideas can be used in smaller dimensions to charge the battery and in larger dimensions to move the car or help move. If this idea is implemented, the heavy batteries of the car can be reduced. This can change the speed of the weight and .. . I have other ideas that might make your cars better I can also give you this idea in the form of an article because I gave an article some time ago that was ranked provincially. Let me prove it to you I am a project that builds ligaments that can help us a lot in our daily work Rest assured we can make significant progress together Thankful What I want is for you to give me the email address or ... from Elon Musk or the board members and senior Tesla people so I can share it with them. And know their views Thankful I have an important idea that can positively affect Tesla stock and value