$200 EV Road Tax Hearing April 7

Please contact your committee member to let them know you do not support a $200 EV road tax.

  • Dahveed

    The anti-EV bias is real. Given the hype that many assign to climate change, you would expect that there would be incentives to drive an EV. And there would be if our government policy were consistent. But it's not. Overcharging EV's for this while the FED's provide a tax credit is just one example where the policy isn't consistent. We EV drivers should pay our fair share, but $200 is not our fair share.

  • Gordon

    We all have a duty to pay for public facilities. That includes roads used by EV drivers. At the same time, EV drivers and ICE drivers also use the air. But only ICE drivers damage the air and never pay the cost. Texas can add a tax on EV for using the roads only if there is a corresponding tax on ICE for polluting our environment.