All Right, Mr. Malek, We’re Ready for Our Close-up!

By: John P. Weiksnar

  • mahdi

    Hello, I am Mehdi Jahangiri, 12 years old from Iran. I have ideas for your company that one of my ideas can be used in smaller dimensions to charge the battery and in larger dimensions to move the car or help move. If this idea is implemented, the heavy batteries of the car can be reduced. This can change the speed of the weight and .. . I have other ideas you may want to know about. I can also present this idea in the form of an article. We just need to find a way to connect with your company and share my ideas with you. Tenth, you will not regret. I get ideas from time to time. Thanks, rest assured, I can offer you many options and methods. I am a real ideator. Prove that you will not regret it. Please reply, you will not be harmed Please reply, rest assured if you do not make a profit you will not lose if you wish you can send me an invitation and because of their large batteries are very heavy and my idea can Be lighter than your cars I just want you to listen to my ideas