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  • Lakewalker

    Interesting video. I agree with the scenario but the timing is very optimistic. Cost to manufacture batteries will go down but scarcity will keep the purchase price higher or they will only be used in more expensive cars as they are now. Elon went on record saying that it didn't make sense to accelerate the Semi project because each semi uses 5x as many batteries as a car but won't sell for 5x as much. Simply put, inexpensive electric cars will be built when EV makers have sold all of the more expensive EV's that they can and they still have batteries left over. $18,000 EV's will not be replacing ICE vehicles in 2025 (except maybe in China) because the EV makers will be selling all that they can make and there will be many more customers than they can make cars for. A BloombergNEF study says that 3% of the car sales worldwide are EV's currently and that will rise to 10% in 2025. It may surpass 10% but there just won't be the manufacturing capacity to collapse the ICE industry.