Autopilot and Full Self Driving

What is it and why do we care about it?

  • joseph

    Can anyone tell me if the HW3 computer upgrade is free to a Model S with full self driving and a HW2 computer? Any info or advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Charly

    Full self Driving and fleet electrification should be a top priority not only to leave the planet in a better shape than we were born but as a way to give independence to our elderly and disabled. If you are smart you understand the impact this could have on everyone's prospects.

  • Barabba

    It would be great if FSD were already a reality in all those European countries such as Norway, Italy, Germany, France and all those other countries where Tesla sells so much.


    I remember the first time that I used Autopilot. I couldn't believe this beautiful car was driving on it's own! I later used it in rush hour traffic and that closed the deal for me. I'm now on my 4th Tesla. I've watched the progression of FSD. I have always felt safe and AP caught several incidents before I would have. I eagerly await FSD (Hey Elon, pick me for FSD Beta!) The technology is great for driving, but also the over-all design makes it the worlds safest car. If only every car were a Tesla... I'm proud to be a member of the group that's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.