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  • Frederick

    Frederick with Nickie (my 2018 MS I am a mature driver (in my 70's) of a 2018 MS 100D (Nickie) I've been driving a MS since 2015, trading up to the 2018 MS to acquire the HDW2 package and FSD computer upgrade. We live in Rural KY Driving frequently to Louisville and Lexington (~90mi). I've been very impressed with both of my Teslas and can't wait to try FSD. My garage is under my house that is set into a hillside. So she is stored at 60 deg F +/- 10 deg F year round. She is plugged in to a Tesla Wall charger most all the time. My average winter Wh/mi is 335 and summer 285. So I am a conservative driver. I've done several long road trips of 3,000 mi without any problems. I LOVE MY TESLA!

  • CyberKentuckian

    I’m @cyberkentuckian on Twitter. Cybertruck reservation holder, running >50% on solar, and learning all I can about EVs.