What is your Tesla ownership story?

share your story, how you became a Tesla owner, and what excites you about the Club.

  • Daniel

    I got my Tesla Model Y in Nov 2021 and absolutely love it!  I bought the EV because of the zero tailpipe emissions (solar panels at home too)!  Additionally, Telsa offers great  technology, safety, and good cargo space in the Model Y.  EVs are delightful to drive and it feels good to not contribute to CO2 emissions.

  • Debbie

    I got my Silver Model S the last week of 2017 because no one warned me not to drive one, if I didn’t want to buy one.  I was interested in the Model 3, but they weren’t available so I test drove a Model S in Indianapolis.  I loved it so much, I didn’t want to drive my Toyota home.  Just couldn’t wait 2 years.  I was very interested in the EV technology.  Tesla won me over with passenger safety, charging infrastructure and free supercharging, performance, and an ethical business model.  What I could not have imagined is the social aspect of this car.  I have met so many great people whose path I would have unlikely crossed.  The meet ups are always fun and I always learn from all of you.  The level of support I feel from Tesla and the network of owners is such a great perk. 

  • John

    I was seriously impressed by the Tesla story. I was awed by the engineering. I drove a model S in Cincinnati in 2018 and knew it was the best car I had ever driven but the price was too high. So I put down a deposit on a model 3  but wound up vacillating between it and the model Y. Put things off again for COVID but when the redesigned S appeared I pulled the trigger. My Model S long range was delivered October 20th. Best car in the world for the price. Love the yoke steering. Could go on and on....

    John C.

  • Nichelle

    I'm a Tesla enthusiast!  I was watching the Tesla stock performance and I did some research on the product.  After research and watching numerious youtube videos and learning all the benefits of owning an electric car, I am now a M3 owner!  I love it!  It also makes me feel good that I am helping the environment. 

  • KY-Troy

    Picked-up Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor from the Cincinnati service center in June 2020. Former BMW 528i x-Drive owner. While I was ready to buy in the Spring of 2020, I think it was the SpaceX Demo-2 mission that nudged me ahead with the purchase. Musk's vision for sustainable energy and multi-planetary life are inspirational. With over 8 months of driving experience now, it's certainly the most impressive performer I've owned. Home charging with Gen3 wall connector, so I've never been to a supercharger. I'm overdue for a tire-rotation, but I love how there is minimal maintenance required for the car. It seemed like every time I took the BMW for routine service, I left with a bill for hundreds of dollars. The car attracts a fair bit of attention in Lexington although I'm seeing more of them all the time. Strangers engage me somewhat frequently when I get in/out of the car, but I'm glad to talk about it. A Tesla Service Center should be permitted here in Kentucky. Protectionist politics don't work and serve mainly to protect the profits of dealers rather than the consumer. Enjoying bypassing those gas pumps too.

  • RNHurt

    I've wanted/lusted after a Telsa since the beginning. My chance finally came last summer when our Honda Odyssey blew and engine coming home from vacation. The MY had just debuted and we weren't really looking to purchase right away, but we discovered that we couldn't operate with just one car. So, I took my wife to the Cincinnati showroom to make a couple of test drives. We ordered a new MY that day. We were on the waiting list and the delivery date was 9 weeks away. However, as fate would have it the SC called the very next Monday and offered up a new White MY. We accepted delivery that Sunday, which just happened to be my birthday. Happy Birthday to me, indeed! I've loved every single minute with the car and look forward to trips to the grocery or running to the bank. Every time I drive it I have a huge smile on my face. It's really been one of the best purchasing decisions of my life.

  • Frederick

    I’ve been a Tesla MS driver for 6 years. I’ve had the full technology packages from the beginning. I currently have the fully paid FSD package. I’m now 72 years old. Don’t let me die before I experience the FSD Tesla! All joking aside, I’ve grown up with each advancement in Tesla’s maturation. I’ve weathered all the little quirks involved with evolution! Now I need to advance past Nickie stopping for green lights! She needs to enroll in the “Graduate Driving Degree program. I’m a mature conservative driver. My winter (in KY) Wh/mi = 335 and my summer Wh/mi = 285. I traded my 2015 MS 85D for a 2018 MS 100D as I felt that She needed more eyes on the road and enhanced US sensors to do the job of Safety and Autonomous driving. I treat Nickie as a teenage driver. She’s pretty good and capable but inexperienced. I’m experienced but getting a little older. I FEEL LIKE NICKIE AND I ARE BETTER DRIVING TOGETHER THAN EITHER OF US DRIVING ALONE. We would like to participate in the BETA testing of FSD as soon as possible. Nickie = 2018 MS 100D with FSD computer upgrade.

  • JeffB

    Hi everyone, Nice to meet you all and hear your stories. I’m Jeff. Been a big fan of Tesla since first hearing about the Roadster, but only got my first Tesla (Model 3 RWD LR) back in 2018. Loved it so much I upgraded to stealth performance a year later, and now I recently moved to the Model Y LR. Model Y isn’t as fun as the P3D-, but it’s way more practical. Looking forward to hanging out here and learning from you long-timers.

  • BrianKopp

    I started as a casual observer about 12 years ago. After some research into Tesla, I presented the company to an investment club I attend. Watching the growth, the upcoming products and eventual launch of those products convinced me this movement had legs. While an S/X was out of reach, I knew a 3 could be attainable. I was able to acquire a reservation and anxiously waited for my number to come up to order. Scooter was delivered to me in July 2018. 65K miles later, this car still makes me smile every time I get behind the wheel. My wife and I hope to add a Y at some point in the future. I am always wiling to talk Tesla, EVs, solar power, etc to anyone willing to listen. Change is coming. Change is here! Enjoy the ride!

  • RickModelX

    I bought an EGO lawn mower in the summer of 2016. I was so impressed with the ease-of-use of it. I started telling folks that I owned the “Tesla of Lawnmowers”. Tesla had just started taking Model 3 reservations at that time. The more I studied the “real Tesla”, the more intriguing the idea of EV ownership became to me. I put in a reservation in August 2016, and started my long wait. Less than 2 years later, my Model 3 was delivered. It was better than I had imagined. In 2020, after 70k miles of pure driving pleasure, I traded it in on a 2017 Model X 100D and a brand new love affair began.

  • Brian

    I am a long time gearhead and have always been facinated by EVs, thinking they were the long term goal for automotive emission reduction. Since seeing my first Tesla at the North American Auto Show many years ago, I have always wanted one. I reserved a Model 3 as soon as it was announced but ultimately decided to cancel after the extremely long wait with no end in sight. Glad I waited because I ended up changing jobs and advancing my career, allowing me to purchase an upgraded version (LR AWD) in 2020. I only have about 4k miles on it as Covid has limited my work travel a bit, but I absolutely love the car and can't wait for the next work or pleasure road trip!


    I was always interested in an EV. Selfishly for lower operating cost and philanthropically for the environment. The Model S was bigger than I wanted and too much a stretch on the budget. I reserved my M3 seconds after it went available. 2 years, 2 months, & 3 days later I drove it home. I has not disappointed. My electric bill on budget went up about $40; 1/4 of what my monthly gas expense had been. The convenience of my house being the gas station; the amazing driving experience, and ever evolving abilities of the car have made it the most meaningful purchase of my life. I have driven it to the Florida Everglades National Park without range anxiety. It is to driving as the smart phone is to a rotary dial.

  • Ellen

    I reserved my Tesla Model 3 when it was only a concept. I waited 2 years and 3 weeks and got my 2018 in August of that year. My main reason as a progressive Baby Boomer is to crush fossil fuel use and EV ownership is the way to go. I also belong to Evolveky.org and promote the "adopt-a-charger" program- free community Level 2 charging stations to maximize plug in accessibility. We have installed 31 charging stations around Kentuckiana. It's hard to convince someone to buy an EV if they don't have a home charger or the range of Tesla's EVs. I am so hopeful for this new Administration who sees the future of EVs as an economic opportunity as well. -Ellen S. Wade

  • Bobby

    Been a Tesla follower since before their IPO. Liked the Model S but wanted something roomier. Saw the Model X design and put in the reservation a LONG time before they were making them. Had a Model X for over 4 years and way past 100k miles. Daughter purchased her Model 3 with her McDonalds job money... it is all about money management, if you really want it and understand the long range cost analysis, buying electric is so smart. We love our X and our daughter literally beams when she talks about her 3.

  • RyanHornback

    I purchased my Model 3 in 2018 to reduce the stress and cost associated with a 120+ mile daily commute. 75,000 miles later and I still look forward to driving it!

  • JohnRougeux

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